DevApp Hackathon!


This event as organized by Touch, is joining many mobile app developers, interface designers, marketers and business developers interested in building apps using the Touch Cloud. AltCity will be planning the event, and it promises to motivate and push the attendees to transform their ideas into a working prototype that both investors and potential users can try out.Some teams are already fixed, but that is not a necessity; people can meet up at the event, and if their visions complement one another, then they can create their team right then and there, and start working on their agreed prototype. They’ll also be able to pitch their ideas there to gather both feedback and experience.


What kind of apps will people build there? Well there isn’t much information on the subject as of yet… But AltCity on where attendees can order the tickets says “the teams are encouraged to create apps that help, in some way, build a better Lebanon.” What this means practically is that they want to encourage the teams to build an app that Lebanese users will benefit from, to inspire Lebanese people to step forward in the digital era – The logic behind this also implies that if a couple of Lebanese folks can create something that their people needs and uses, then more people will get the passion and faith needed to do the same.


Touch have also gathered many mentors in the field, that will give advice, and show the enthusiasts how it’s done. There will be fundamental workshops that will help everyone make things happen faster, and have the prototype ready by the end of the weekend

There will also be prizes involved: including money, technical equipment, as well as mentorship, and the winners of the event will have a spot in the coming DevAppLB PitchFest.

I know I have my ticket ready, and I’m hoping the event organizers deliver what they have promised, and truly help lead the way to a more digital Lebanon.   



Young Lebanese data alchemist & progressive writer. Interests are usually in the digital world, technology, movies, music, entertainment, and comedy...

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