My 5 favorite apps


Evernote is a note taking app, it automatically syncs your notes through all of your devices. To explain it simply, let’s say you write a small note on your phone, when you use your pc, laptop, or tablet, you’ll see the note there as you’ve written it. And when you update it, it automatically syncs to all your devices again! And all you need is an internet connection.

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Snapseed is by far the easiest, most user-friendly image editor I have met to date. I snap a photo and I can quickly adjust contrast, brightness, saturation, ambience, and apply countless filters. The app took a bit of getting used to, but now I can make a piece of art out of any taken picture with just a couple of minutes.


I read and write a lot, and it’s pretty silly to search for a word through a real dictionary these days. Instead I use the Merriam-Webster app so I can quickly enter the word on my phone and see what it means, one cool feature I love is the mic: I click it and say the word out loud; the app will instantly give me the best word matches so I tap on the one I need and get the definition.


With Any-Do I don’t forget any date, assignment, chore, or anything for that matter. Like Merriam-Webster it has a voice recorder, so I can tap on the mic, say something like “laundry day”, and set it for the day I need to do the laundry. The app gives me a notification to remind me of it. Pretty cool! 


Virtual Recorder records and saves to your phone or tablet. I play music, so sometimes I’m curious to hear what a melody would sound like backwards… sometimes this gives me an idea about how to give it more flexibility. While most people would probably listen to their voices in reverse a couple of times and uninstall the app, musicians can play, sing, or hum a melody and hear it backwards simply by using their phone.


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