Augment App: The future of online shopping


Let’s face it, online shopping is convenient and accessible through our fingertips, but nothing beats seeing the product you want to buy in front of you. You get a pretty good estimate of how big it is, and it’s a lot easier to picture how it would look like in your living room.

Well you still need to take a few measurements to make sure it fits well before you buy it… The situation applies when you’re thinking of buying a big screen TV, or a couch, or anything relatively big.

Amazon, eBay, Walmart and other e-commerce sites all face this problem on a daily basis, sales on bigger items are always a lot less than sales on the smaller ones. If only there was a way to… try it out first?


There’s a new app available in the App Store and on Google   Play; Augment is an Android and iOS app that augments reality to help people see how specific items will look in their home or office or any reasonable environment.The object will appear in 3D, and the user will be able to control where to see it on the tablet or smart phone. Heck we can even spin the item around if we want to!

With 3D rendering, Augment kills off most of the risks involved when buying large items, it lets its users be precise about how items they want to buy fit and look in a specific room.


Founder Jean-François Chianetta mentioned in a DLD conference interview “We also have teachers that are using it to let children show objects or things that they cannot bring to the classroom.” So the idea can transcend shopping and give new possibilities to different types of users.

The founder is an ambitious one, he mentioned the use of Eric Ries’ Lean Startup method and mentioned fast iterations, he also hopes 2013 wil be the year “to have a platform where people can upload as many 3D objects as they want, and to have a million active users that are visualizing and objects in a lot of different areas.”


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